Media Intelligence
& Consulting Services

Providing tailored solutions in media and entertainment industries.

From Media research to AI-Driven Media Intelligence

Our Media Intelligence division is a hub of innovation and expertise. We collaborate with industry leaders, providing tailored solutions in areas such as audience measurement, radio analytics, and personal people meter projects. We believe it’s time to transition from traditional media research to media intelligence, harnessing the power of AI to drive insights and decisions. Our track record demonstrates our commitment to this AI-driven transition, showcasing our proficiency in navigating the complex landscape of media intelligence.

Custom AI Models for Audience Analysis

Development of AI models tailored to analyze audience behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns.

AI-Driven Media Content Analysis

Utilizing AI to analyze media content, providing insights into trends, themes, and sentiment.

Predictive Analytics for Media Consumption

Building AI models to predict future media consumption trends based on historical data and market trends.

AI-Driven Ad Measurement

Utilizing AI to accurately measure the reach and impact of advertising campaigns across various media channels, with the understanding that better measurement leads to enhanced effectiveness.

Total Audience Measurement

Leveraging AI to provide a comprehensive view of audience size across all media platforms, helping clients understand the full scope of their reach

Media-specific Data Engineering

Specialized data engineering services tailored to the unique needs of media data, encompassing data collection, processing, and transformation for AI analysis

Tailored Solutions for Complex Challenges

Our Consulting Services division extends our expertise beyond the media sector. Here, we tackle diverse challenges across various industries, providing custom AI and software development solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our team is adept at translating complex business problems into innovative technological solutions. We’ve worked with international clients, delivering projects that range from localizing AI assistants to developing automated scheduling systems.

Our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver bespoke solutions have allowed us to establish a strong reputation in the consulting space.

Custom AI Solutions

Our data scientists deliver bespoke AI solutions, from natural language processing to computer vision, tailored to your unique business challenges.

Data Engineering & ETL Services

We streamline your data processing workflows with robust data pipelines, empowering confident, data-driven decisions

API Design & Backend Development

Our developers design and build custom backend systems and APIs, from scalable web applications to complex API integrations

DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure

We optimize your IT operations, assisting in cloud application deployment and resilient infrastructure building.

Team Extension

Our staff augmentation services provide access to top tech talent, helping you scale your operations and accelerate your projects.

AI Strategy Consulting

We guide your AI adoption, helping identify opportunities, define objectives, and develop a roadmap for successful AI integration.

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